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Related article: Date: Sun, 4 May 1st, 2003 33rd August 0000 From: Bill Drake u003cbilldrake hotmail. COM u003e Case No : Tales of White Collar : Broker in the heat s Tales of white collar Bill Drake ( drake bill hotmail com. ) NOTE : The following contains graphic descriptions of the men who have sex with men. If this material is offended or is not appropriate for their age or Read more. I have a feeling there are not enough good stories (hell, is not enough period of short stories) that is on white-collar men. So I decided to start a series of new stories with a suit and tie pieces to get your rocks of whether a quotation or a story of its kind, with some shorter pieces, and may be greater. Comments or suggestions to Bill Drake History hotmail. com. For more of my stories, check out the authors page here or join Nifty my ​​yahoo group : http://groups. yahoo. com / drake stories / Tales of White Collar # 1 Agents Heat was a bloody Thursday. One day more shit on the market. Not that was my money, I 'm just a businessman, but dum daysp -sales are large, the other runners Preteen Boy around, usually to their colleagues and friends of each other day, which is side by side and tried to be heard in all another thing. You just elbow back and yell louder. I'm Brian Callahan, an assistant stockbroker. At the age of 29 who already have a brokers over the past five years. It was the usual way - extra in my math class suburban school in New Jersey and studied business at Administration of the University, then went through the Finance program Wharton. I've never had any doubt that this is what I wanted to do. I think it was because my father was a broker, and there was always someone who appeared as. I also like the rush. One day in the labor market, especially when I'm traveling to the product is different from the other parts. I know my colleagues feel in the same way. The business world seems to change a lot these days, , but the world of the stock is still a game just for kids. At least is in the our company: all the people, a group of about tenof us in my department, most of n she married with children, but if you work or just with after the kids are just a couple of macho college kids who never grew. That's exactly what I am, I think. to say today No word had become all in my department only a our bar in the district. The place was nothing special, a little from a jump, in fact, but after 04th clock 30 dozen best-paid men of the city is expressed in the inn of some cheap beer, smoking and have the opportunity to steam drain. The company had been regular visitors at the booth was long, and a small semi - private in the back room reserved for us. Sometimes you make your way back by the majority of brokers, traders and analysts of smoking, cigar Cologne and , and you could feel the jealous gaze of analysts and managers portfolio, some of the other operators, which were larger individuals player than you, but also newcomers, who were relegated from the front from the beachas. If we have our drinks and our cigars in hand, began to discuss what a days have been breaking balls. Damn, I had a lot of stored energy that oozed all , ten men were shouting over each other in the voices of baritone, what a laugh, as man after man's stories told by an idiot fo No upset customers, they also had to do. You could feel the adrenaline and testosterone circulating in the area. A strong current was hormonal all of us runners and heated more determined as beer and camaraderie n of us. I think it just started the second round of beer when Barrett (Ed Barrett, our high- bond specialist, a piece blonde 32-year- old with bulging chest n of a man ) blurts out, "Oh, man, I'm so damn bones right now," and was distance of ten meters, I could see his thick hard schlong tents in his wool pants. Dave, the junior partner, who was at his side, threw back Ed growled a deep voice, hoarse. "Shit, yeah, my friend. Why do not you let Baby? " Ed mouth twisted into a grimace fierce, and their thick places fumbled with his zip game, lead the way after coming to shoot through his boxer a great club the key broker n. the pig was before white shirt and striped tie about eight inches down, prepared and thick, , and curly blonde pubic hair sticking out of the wool was only view n, n impressive lot. Dave left hand wrapped Preteen Boy tightly in the shaft inflated and rigid. " beaut Damn it, Ed," he said in a whisper drowned, as his hand began a smoothly up and down the shaft. Dave silver wedding ring sparkled in to N of the flesh peach Ed and his tail from side. from my point of swear I was leaking thick clear pearly dew could see over them. "We will look after you, buddy. "Dave said, kneeling in front of the \\ bar \\ n ground. She licked the Preteen Boy shaft, allowing it to become wet, he took the time to ensure that coat the entire length. Then he sat back and hit round ass inThe mouth. Ed took the back of Dave's head, his fingers are in claws, as David grabbed and pulled directly from his cock. " Yes, Dave, you fucking suck cock. I like, asshole. " Murmured Dave, stuffing his mouth full of human flesh, and pushed the upper body s as he leaned toward a better angle to swallow Eds to torpedo thickness. When Ed turned his hips to his face, and reached Dave resorted Eds fleshy buttocks with his hands wide. N " fucking hell yes, " Ed hissed. Only two muscular arms around me and began to nibble a hot mouth wrapped in my earlobe. The voice was undoubtedly that of Richard, a blue-blooded s third-generation dealer who looked like a damn professional tennis. "Let's see, The large Callahan. " I had a good reputation among children carrying n long around between my legs. At this point, that bastard was hard as a stone for my coworker kneading and pulled into the vascular system through my flesh cock striped trousers. I complained and he saw the violind with the rack n I watched as he pushes his own man in my lap rockets s ass. My stiff tail feathers free, molded clear, viscous liquid Richard French white cuffs.. The guys around me all feel out and coupled together, stroking the shaft of each " hard as hell now aspires Richard is in your knees going down on me - fine, strong jawed face looked at me as extends to open his mouth to eat more fat. This man is really ever out on my cock, and it shows. Mike Levinson is the shoot first, and when I wake up sucker see that it is a senior vice president with cockjuice thick, sweet clinging to their the lips and chin. 's happy n bastard. Ed is the closest to fire, Dave drowning in a torrent of hot cum. Dave drown a drink jets little things have to stop shaking, but not the his head up and down the stiff tail n Ed \\ \\ n I do not feel good, very good, very ready, mother. loves Richard me and keeps me working out. WHAT is fine with me. I spread my legs n and to provide a world class blowjob. when I heard a voice behind me. My boss. Mr. James P. Fordham. Jim was in his 40 years of age, a great man attractive, fit with a face that could yesterday and sound, which is covered with salt and pepper hair. and is a voice that still distinguish sound n if curse like an Preteen Boy Irish sailor. "Sorry I'm late man. One of those sons of bitches had me at Morgan Stanley the phone and would not stop talking. " He chuckled, as approximately half of our group left wild orgasms. Some of these men stood up and looked at me. The heat was incredible to see all these sons of bitches up with horns, tail still care. Some of them looked tired and relaxed, drinking his beer and toking of his cigars. But all were hungry and warmth in his eyes. In a second, I knew what they were seeing. I do not know what I felt Fordham first to get his breath on my neck or my manrammer your thick back. My pants and shorts suit were in the ankle Richard fellatio on me attack my cock with her tongue and mouth, as was the Passover meal. Therefore, my buttocks were exposed to heat and ruthless sense of Jim 's cock, falling headlong rock hard against my body pushing up under the tail of my shirt loose white. My boss has strong hands seized the company, my biceps flex balls slowly hump against me. "It was a hell of a long day, which has Callahan? " " Yes, sir," and enjoyed the feeling of the merchants handsome, hot in every end of me. " Yes. " I felt his finger in my tight ass. It was fresh, moist n that I knew would be a nice drop of lubricant. "It was a real shitty day. You guys did a great job, however. " His body being investigated and that pushed me in the lubrication fresh, spread my hole and opening myself. " Okay, let Callahan. Timeout condemned some steam. " I looked down and Richard had swallowed my dick shit, hilt. It was not because his head, shook back and forth as it took the acorn with the muscles of his neck. I felt fucking fantastic. Maybe that I'm not much resistance, if my boss fat glans opened way beyond the limitations of my assring. Or maybe Fordham only knows what s you are doing. In any case, I opened the right rear door and fills me , gradually filled with very thick tail, Jim. Then he began to fuck me. I grew up a whole new level. Jim Hahn my ​​prostate ride hard and fast. The feeling of complete fulfillment. I lost my balls went into his bag, and started with a nice, juicy spray of jizz right in the mouth cocksucking Richard. I think my ass n have made a series of cock Jim, because he refused and growled :.. "Oh, fuck yeah, Callahan hot, tight ass, they are doomed earn every penny of a great advantage of fat. Oh, fuck yeah! " with our boss that hit the ass and fucked up orgasm. theother man stood and watched, curious and hard ready for a new round.
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